Dead Ends (1242 ; 1721) The Depression

Second entrance on the left side, not easy to reach at low level, because of the high concentration of Eremites, and Spiders near the entrance

Item basis 160
Coils and Spindles ql 144 and 160

Mobs (150-163) Drop
Drowsing ancient Hecklers, Island Hecklers, Hecklers of Metals, Voracious Horrror  
Croakers (of Solitude, of Desolation), Rippled Eremites, Koalaana Monster Parts, Gems, Small Patch of Novictum spangled Hide
Weavers of Spirits  
Eradicus 170 3 Monarch Gems, Joker's Glyph (second Tier armor)

Dead Ends