Redeemed Temple (3018 ; 1800) Area Acropolis 


Redeemed Floor  Redeemed: Or-Moda (131-133), Cur-Baat (135-140), El-Karat (147-150) drop Dalja insignias, letters for Specialization 1, 2, 3, Inamorata weapons, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, SL faction armors and weapons

Spirit Floor Redeemed

Cascading Spirits (135) Small Pieces of metal ore, Provoked Bond of Novictum, Spirits

1 Watchers Gil Path-Ulma (158) (71 ; 40)  
2 Watcher Gild Nuir-Shan (158) (184 ; 161)  
3 Watcher Gild Fala-Kald (159) (121 ; 162)  
4 Ecclesiast Gil-Jha (160) (111 ; 333) The Lost Diviners Adonis garden key quest
5 Sipius Gil Ilad-Hulma    (160) (112 ; 330) The Lost Diviners Adonis garden key quest
7 Devoted Gil Nuir-Hume (154) (242 ; 46)  
8 Devoted Gil Wei-Wei (153) (242 ; 28)
9 Venerable Ecclesiast Gil-Bela (160) (172 ; 37) Gil Jha's Discreet Helmet (Enfocer), Gil Jha's Sleeve of Gathering (Trader)
  When you kill Ecclesiast Gil-Bela spawns Ardent Orma Dal. You can talk to him. Give him 6 Gilthar insignias then it spawns 
Empath Joshua Kahn with lots of adds
  Joshua Kahn's Heirloom (right clic on it and it becomes an Ancient Container), Joshua Kahn's Catskin Patch, Joshua Kahn's Ring of Range
  After Killing Joshua Kahn spawns Redeemed Gilthar with lots of adds    
  Redeemed Gilthar   Gilthar's Winter Pants, Gilthar's Summer Shorts, Gilthar's Ring of Force, Gilthar's Ring



Archaic Guardians, Archaic War Machine, Archaic Commanders, Chtonian Ravagers, Chtonian Guardians
(200-209) drop:
Will of the Reposeful Will of the Unshakable Will of the Tempestuous
  Life Lichen, Power Bug, Notum Slug Dangerous Container, Jewels, Gems, 
Monster Part
Advent of the Benign Advent of the Impestuous Advent of the Industrious
Advent of the Passionate Advent of the Prudent  

Wills and Advents are necessary for second Tier armor

The bosses: (210)
Emissary of Yolm 


Blood of Styx

can also drop: Consanguineal Embryo of Yomi'Arallu, A page from the Yomi Grimoire: Ice Golem Pattern quest


Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Defender of Troy Ring of DivineTeardrops
Watchful Spirit Phulakterion Staff of Pelias Ring of Computing
Temple Tubes Sword of Perseus Eye of the Evening Star
  Sword of Achilles Sable Sleeve of Fantasies
  Sword of Hercules Silver Spider Knuckedusters
  Wrath of Zeus