The Platform (2701 ; 2565) The Platforms

Item basis 140
Coils and Spindles ql 126 and 140

Inside you ll get on mobs or inside chests Sunburst CF Electrolyte Base. Ergo quest: Adonis -> Penumbra ( + 4 ) Ring Progression quest

Mobs (128-143) Drop
Spirits (Magnanimous, Slinking, Cascading, Voluminous, Reprobate) in floors 1-2 Spirits, Small Pieces of Metal Ore, Provoked Bond of Novictum, Enraged Pith of Novictum
Bound Dryads, Shadows (Icy, Burning),  Hoathlans, Croaker of Solitude Gems, Monster Parts, Small Patch of Notum Spangled Hide
Malahs Fama, Mortiigs Predator, Vortexoids SL weapons and nanos, Gems, Jewels
Eradicus ? 3 Monarch Gems, Joker's Glyph (second Tier armor)

The Platform