Crumblestone (1464 ; 1088) Myriad

Items basis ql 78 
Chests' Loot: Coils and Spindles ql ? , Nodrop Tight armor, damaged Nano-Crystals, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, Ammos, Gems, Jewels, Letters for Specialization 1 and 2

Mobs (71-80) Drop
Infernal Vortexoids, Bound Dryads, Malah-Famas, Elysian Spirit Hunters, Fissure Hiathlins, Majestic Silvertails, Panicked and Wandering Coral Rafters, Croakers (of Solitude, of Desolation), Guard Turrets SL weapons and Nanos, Gems, Patches of Novictum spangled Hide, Jewels, Insignias, Spirit Baubles, Monster Parts, Disturbed Sequence of Novictum
Abominus (lev 90) 3 Arbiter Gems