Remnans Trenches (1544 ; 766) Remnans

Items  basis ql 92
Chests' Loot: Coils and Spindles ql 82 and 92 , Nodrop Tight armor, damaged Nano-Crystals, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, Ammos, Gems, Jewels, Letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Grey Glyph

Mobs (82-92) Drop
-Ors, -Els, Fortuitous, Visionists, Followers (floor 1) Insignias of Enel and Ocra,  Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, SL weapons, Jobe Defender Naginata, letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Gems, Jewels
Guard Turrets, Security Camera, Croakers (of Desolation, of Solitude), Shadows (Burning, Icy), Majestic Silvertail Monster Parts, Gems, Novictum spangled Hide
Spirits (Wailing, Gagging, Radiant, Lag, Apathic, Shifty, Pained, Insidious) Small Pieces of metal ore, Provoked Bond of Novictum, Disturbed Sequence of Novictum, Spirits,
Hellion Mirror
Kolaanas (ss, -Behn, -Dren) Insignias (Enel, Shere, Ocra, Roch), Spirit Baubles, Gems, Patches of Novictum spangled Hide
Abominus lev 100 3 Arbiter Gems

Remnans Trenches