The Shadowpit (Unredeemed) (480 ; 1722) The Blackpeaks
Items basis ql 79
hests' Loot: Coils and Spindles ql ? , Nodrop Tight armor, damaged Nano-Crystals, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, Ammos, Gems, Jewels, Letters for Specialization 1 and 2 

Mobs (77-87) Drop
Ors, Craz-Cur, -Lens Insignia of Enel,  Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, SL weapons, Jobe Defender Naginata, letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Gems, Jewels
Guard Turrets, Croakers (of Desolation, of Solitude), Cripplers of Destiny, Mortiigs Predator, Vivacious Hoathlan Monster Parts, Gems, Small Patch of Novictum spangled Hide, Jewels, SL Nanos
Abominus (95) 3 Arbiter Gems

The Shadowpit