The Unredeemed Temple  (924 ; 394 ) Area: Nero

Faction mobs there can drop Enel  insignias, letters for Specialization 1 and 2,  Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, SL faction armors and weapons, special nodrop weapons are Jobe Defender Naginata (Keeper, Enforcer), Mudurlugu (Trader).

Outside temple: Lodoth-Len, Culuth-Len, Coloss-Or, Dachu-Cur, Son-Len, Terz-El (82-100)
Fortuitous drop Melee Fighter Manuals, Followers drop tradeskill rings, Visionists drop Visionist Tool, Angellin's Wristband, Simians's Bracelet, Slippers of Manoeuvring, Hypnagogics drop Harmonic Circlets

Prophet Nar-Shere (85) (924 ; 394) Shere garden key quest, Shere sanctuary key quest
Follower Man-Vox Shere (70) (924 ; 393) Enel garden key quest, Shere garden key quest
Fortuitous Pi-Zul Shere (70) (908 ; 400) Enel garden key quest, Enel sanctuary key quest
Follower Bhotaar-Wox (70) (924 ; 395) Enel sanctuary key quest drop Briefing
Fortuitous Nar-Bhotaar Shere (70) (922 ; 414)  
Fortuitous Hes-Roch Shere (30) (930 ; 400)  
Hypnagogic Xum-Ixi Shere (70) (920 ; 390) Shere garden key quest
Visionist Jorr-Dom Shere (70) (899 ; 420 Shere garden key quest

Inside temple:  
 Calan-Cur, Cama-El, Craig-Or and Son-Len (60-70)

Mobs Drop
Fortuitous (Hes-Man Shere, Nar-Bhotaar Shere, Pi-Zul Shere) (70) Melee Fighter Manuals
Room left Visionist Dom-Xum Shere (70),  Hypnagogic Ixi-Bhotaar Shere (70) and
Prophet Nar Shere (85)
Room right Follower Man-Vox Shere (70) and Follower Bhotaar-Wox Shere (70)  
Patriarch Prophet Dom Roch (85). After killing the Patriarch and if you give 6 Shere insignias to Acolyte Enel-Wei spawns Omega Yuan Chi with lots of Lodoth-Len, Coloss-Or, Calan-Cur and Terz-El (90).   Nar-Shere's Gloves of Cunning, Nar-Shere's Earring of Tapping, Nar Shere's Temperamental Spirit Tattoo.
Omega Yuan Chi (95) If you kill him, spawns Unredeemed Shere (100) Pharmacist Pad, Yuan Chi's Air-cooled Cloak and Yuan Chi's Boots of Persecution


Spirit Room: 

Shifty and Slinking Spirits (70-80) Small Pieces of metal ore, Provoked Bond of Novictum, Spirits

Catacombs Unredeemed Temple

Catacombs: (120-130)

Archaic (Stormtrooper, War Machine, War Drone and Commander) are in the first corridor and the north-west part of the catacombs. Execrable Lifeform, Cwn Annwn, Chtonian guardian and Spirit of Acheron  in the second corridor, the central room and the last corridor. 

Visions of the Unshakable Visions of the Tempestuous Life Lichen, Power Bug, Notum Slug
Visions of the Reposeful   Dangerous Container, Jewels, Gems

The bosses Slaugh, Bean Sidhe, Herne, Blood of Acheron, Emissary of Annwn, Mare and Arawn can also drop:

Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Defender of Troy Ring of DivineTeardrops
Watchful Spirit Phulakterion Staff of Pelias Ring of Computing
Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn Sword of Perseus Eye of the Evening Star
  Sword of Achilles Silver Spider Knuckeldusters
  Sword of Hercules Sable Sleeve of Fantasies
  Wrath of Zeus