Collapsed Temple (508 ; 1457) Nascence Wilds

Items' basis ql 45
Coils and Spindles ql 40, 45 and 49

Chests' Loot: Coils and Spindles, Nodrop Tight armor, damaged Nano-Crystals, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, Ammos, Gems, Jewels

Mobs 36-41 Loot
Shadows (Icy, Burning) (floor 1) Gems, Monster parts, Patches of Novictum Spangled Hide
Mortiigs Predator (floor 2, 3 and boss room) SL weapons, SL nanos, Jewels, Gems, Patches of Novictum Spangled Hide
Havaris lev 50  2 Arbiter Gems, Soothing Herbs

Collapsed Temple