Icy doorway (820 ; 882) Penumbra Main Vein

Item basis 195
Coils and Spindles ql 175, 195

Mobs (179-199) Drop
Coral Rafters (Panicked, Wandering), Shadows (Burning, Icy), Croakers  (of Solitude, of Desolation), Guard Turrets, Security Cameras, Bound Dryads, Koalaanas Monster Parts, Gems, Small Patch of Novictum spangled Hide
Malah-Famas, Infernal Vortexoids, Mortiigs Predator SL weapons and nanos, Gems, Jewels
Rancid 195 3 Emperor Gems, Monster Parts, SL armor, Amulet of Algid Amber (Inferno boots quest)

Icy Doorway