Redeemed (1014 ; 334) Blue Mist

Item basis 215
Coils and Spindles ql 193, 215, 236

Mobs (208-219) Drop
Coral Rafters (Panicked, Wandering), Shadows (Burning, Icy), Cripplers of Destiny Monster Parts, Gems, Small Patch of Novictum spangled Hide
Malah-Famas, Vortexoids SL weapons and nanos, Gems, Jewels
Redeemed: Sipius, Diviners, Watchers, Acolytes, Conservers, Or-Mada.... Canister of Pure Liquid Notum,  Super Charged Nano,  SL weapons, Inamorata Weapons,  Letters for spez 1, 2, 3, Gems, Jewels
Wailing Spirits Enraged Pith of Novictum, Furious Novictum NexusVicious Novictum Continuity, Cataclysmic Birth of Novictum,  Small Pieces of Metal Ore
Rancid 215 3 Emperor Gems, Monster Parts, SL armor, Amulet of Algid Amber (Inferno boots quest)

Redeemed Blue Mist