a mausoleum entrance  (1587 ; 1755) The Adieu

Item basis 125
Coils and Spindles ql 112, 125 and 133 

Mobs (114-128)


Unredeemed: Fortuitous, Hypnagogics, Operators, Garboils, Craig-Or, Rowa-El... (floor 2, 3 and boss) Sacrosanct Weapons,  SL factions weapons and armor, Ocra Insignias, Letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Electric Bolts
Croakers (of Desolation, of Solitude), Mortiigs Predator, Guard Turrets, Shadows (Icy, Burning) Monster parts, Patches of novictum spangled hide, Gems...
Kolaanas (ss, Tucan) Insignias, Spirit Baubles
Scorchid (135) 2 arbiters Gems, Grey Glyph, Fragment of the Source: (Cama Garden Key Quest, Vanya Garden Key Quest)

A mausoleum entrance