Redeemed Dungeon (897 ; 1532) Mirador

Item basis 110
Coils and Spindles ql 99, 110 and 121

Mobs (100-112)


Kolaanas (ss, Tucan, Geiros, Behn), Esotheric Hiathlins Insignias, Spirit Baubles, Gems, Patches of Novictum spangled Hide
Weavers of Decay, Guard Turrets, Shadows (Icy, Burning) Monster parts
Infernal Vortexoids, Malah-Famahs  Nano Mutagenic Venom,  Gems, SL Weapons, Jewels
Redeemed: Or-Moda.., Conservers, Acolytes Watchers, Sipius Roch insignias, Pattern of Min-Ji-Liu, SL faction armors and weapons, Electric Bolts, Letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Inamorata weapons, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum
Scorchid (125) 2 Arbiters Gems, Fragment of the Source: (Cama Garden Key Quest, Vanya Garden Key QuestGems, Grey Glyph

Redeemed Mirador