The Redeemed Temple (595 ; 420) The Court


Redeemed ground floor Redeemed: Or-Moda, Cur-Baat, El-Karat (108-122) drop Roch insignias, Electric Bolts, letters for Specialization 1 and 2, Inamorata weapons, Canister of Pure Liquid Notum, SL faction armors and weapons, Mudurlugu (Trader), special nodrop weapons is Jobe Defender Naginata (Enforcer, Keeper),
Pattern:  Min-Ji-Liu (
Ocra Garden Key Quest), (Roch Garden Key Quest)

Redeemed Spirits

Slinking and Piping Spirits (101-110) drop spirits, Spirit Siphons, Small Pieces of metal ore, Provoked Bond of Novictum
Undead Engineer (150) Widget to Gadget (Ergo ring quest to Adonis (Progression Quest)

1 Watchers Ocra Enel-Cama 130 (71 ; 40) Close Combat Fighter's Manual
2 Watcher Ocra Shan-Ruth 125 (184 ; 161) Close Combat Fighter's Manual
3 Watcher Ocra-Path-Jha 122 (121 ; 162) Close Combat Fighter's Manual
4 Ecclesiast Ocra-Lux 130 (111 ; 333) Ocra Garden Key Quest, Ocra Sanctuary Key Quest
5 Sipius Ocra Gil-Fala 125 (111 ; 330)  
6 Diviner Ocra Bela-Ilad 125 (40 ; 330) Ocra Garden Key Quest
7 Devoted Ocra Shan-Mara 124 (242 ; 46)  
8 Devoted Ocra Cama-Jha 120 (242 ; 28)  
9 Venerable Ecclesiast Ocra-Lum 130 (172 ; 37)  


Archaic Stormtrooper, Archaic War Machine, Archaic War Drone, Chtonian Ravager, Ghede Champion, Execrable Lifeform
. (160-170) drop: 


Visions of the Unshakable Visions of the Tempestuous Life Lichen, Power Bug, Notum Slug
Visions of the Reposeful Consanguineal Embryo of Annwn Dangerous Container, Jewels, Gems, 
Monster Part

The bosses: (170)
quest Knowledge of the Yuttos
Emissary of Guinee 
quest Knowledge of the Yuttos
quest Knowledge of the Yuttos
La Croix
quest Knowledge of the Yuttos

Blood of Lethe

can also drop:

Pensive Spirit Phulakterion Defender of Troy Ring of DivineTeardrops
Watchful Spirit Phulakterion Staff of Pelias Ring of Computing
Temple Tubes Sword of Perseus Eye of the Evening Star
  Sword of Achilles Sable Sleeve of Fantasies
  Sword of Hercules Silver Spider Knuckedusters
  Wrath of Zeus