The Swiling Brink Cave (1716 ; 1192) The Void - Brink of Madness

Item basis 125
Coils and Spindles 112, 125 and 133

Mobs (114-128)


Infernal Vortexoid, Malah-Famas SL Weapons, SL Nanos, Gems, Jewels
Bound Dryads,  Coral Rafters (Panicked, Wandering), Croakers (of Solitude, of Desolation), Cripplers of Destiny Monster parts, Patches of Novictum Spangled Hide, Gems...
Kolaanas Insignias, Spirit Baubles
Scorchid (135)  2 arbiters Gems, Grey Glyph, Fragment of the Source: (Cama Garden Key Quest, Vanya Garden Key Quest), Super Charged Nano Crystals

Swilling Brink Cave